May 19, 2017

Soul (Spirit)

Your soul is your spirit, your spirit is a real you where all of the real work is done. Everything that you embrace in life has spiritual foundation to it. No matter what the subject matter is (Money, Raising Children, Spouse, Personal Health) we have choice of going it alone stopping long enough to quiet the noise, allowing your spirits to speak.

When I look back at my journey through life thus far I can pinpoint the times when I excluded God and paid the price of not listening to his guidance. It is no different whe we are seeking to attain a healthy lifestyle by forging ahead and never addressing our spirits.

For example, If you were overweight as a child you may have some emotional scarring that if not addressed will impede you as an adult. It could manifest itself in emotional overeating. Sometimes we have negative tapes that seem to turn on every time we attempt something positive.These situations are damaging in more ways than one, and they deserved our full attention.

One of the principles in designing my vision and mission is “To develop fitness from inside to out”. The inside is your Spirit, which is the perfect place to start developing a healthy lifestyle. God’s mercies are new every day, so let’s roll…

Thank you, in the name of Jesus.