May 13, 2017


    • Ab Cross-Training
      At the core of all bodily movement lies your abdominal muscles. This complex web of muscles fibers are called to action from the moment you climb out of bed in the morning, until you climb back in at the night. With proper form and technique you can effectively strengthen this vital family of muscles and build a foundation that will support your body as you improve your overall fitness.

      Contrary to popular belief doing a bazillion sit-ups will not have any significant effect on reducing belly fat. Do you want to get rid of that belly fat? Aerobics training is a good place to start, but the best place to start is your diet.
      It’s not complicated, but in most cases it is a challenge lifestyle change.
      That’s where I come in!!!

      As I mentioned before, your abs are firing throughout the day so for good general fitness I like to use the term Ab-Cross-Training as a way of describing the use of several abdominal exercise styles. This integrated approach keeps your abs guessing and in essence they never adapt or become complacent. I love the combination of basic Ab exercises mixed with Pilates and Yoga.As you progress in your core development i will introduce some challenging equipment to keep you on track (i.e. Medicine Ball, Pilates Ring, Stability Ball, etc.)

  • Cardiyaking
    Is the cross-training combination of the great sport of kayaking performed at an aerobic endurance pace based on the H.I.I.T. principle (High Intensity Interval Training) Join me for a session on the water in my brand new tandem Ocean Kayak! You’ll love it!!!