May 19, 2017

Mind (Will)

When you talk about will power you have to discuss what motivates you and why. Strong motivators equal a strong will and determined mind-set.One of the questions I like to ask during a discovery session is who are the people that make up your support system.

It is incredible important to identify the protagonists as well as the antagonist who can and will impact your ability to stay on task. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is sooo much more than curting a drumbbell.

What about your personality profile? Knowing your predisposition will determine how you respond best to your trainer. A lack of understanding will  greatly affect your will power and mind-set, and become a source of discouragement.

Are you Ricky, Fred, Ethel or Lucy? Or how about a Melancholy, Sanguine, Choleric or Phlegmatic? Knowing who you are helps in determining who to motivate you, to play your strenght and support those pesky weakness.

We are an instant gratification society (not a good thing) but there is nothing instant about the process of leading healthy lifestyle. It takes strong will power and a determined mind-set.

One day at the time baby!!