May 19, 2017

Heart (Cardio)

Balance is the key word when it comes to a diet and exercise, so cardiovascular improvement is about finding the correct starting point (identifying your maximum oxigen uptake or target heart rate zones) customizing your program based on specific goals and deadlines and then creating a balanced program that you will find motivating and challenging.

Aerobic Cross-training is a must because if you are like me you can only run in one spot for so long before you start hallucinating about an M&M blizzard from dairy queen!. That’s why I incorporate my Cardiyak (Kayaking) program, Cycling and or Circuit training on the various cardio machines in the gym. (Example: 15 min Treadmill, 15 min Stepper, 15 min Elyptical, 15 min Recumbent)

Duration, Intensity and Frecuency are the cornerstones of a balanced cardiovascular program and it is my job to assess you correctly in the beginning and monitor the D.I.F. for the long term success.

Alright Let’s hit the pool!!! Can you say Aquatics??