May 19, 2017

Body (Diet & Exercises)

Upwards of seventy-five percent of your whole body wellness is rooted in your Diet. My goal is to simplify your nutritional program with the guidance of my Registered Dietician, and to weed through the myriad od products, publications, myths and so on, to create a safe and healthy path for you to reach your goals.

There are no “Magic Beans” just an honest effort and some hard work. Calories in calories out, active rate of metabolism, hydration, genetics, supplementation, percentage of body fat, bmi and much more are part of the monitoring process from beginning to end.

When it comes to exercise I stress safety first by focusing on form and technique. I see so much wasted effort in the gym simply because of this breakdown.

For strenght training I use the acronym COFF to help you remain consistent. C: Core (Contract your Abs), O: Oxigen (Breathe rhythmically- Exhale upon lifting, Inhale upon lowering), F: Form (Body balance, Spinal aligment, Isolation), F: Focus (Mind to the muscle). Cardiovascular exercises use the basic form focus whether you are on a machine or on the lake with me in the kayak.

Have you hugged your personal trainer today??